The Whole Kid Is Back!

Learning during COVID-19 has brought back our focus to the whole child’s learning and development! Who is the learner? What are his/her attributes, motivations, inspirations, and values? Now that learning is embedded in the context of home based environments we have been forced to reevaluate how we teach, what we teach, why we teach it, and, whether or not our teaching skills are effective!

The blog is devoted to the whole kid who is discovering all of his/her interactive and reactive triggers that motivate learning. In recent years we have focused on the social side of learning and found social interactions to stimulate and motivate thinking and process. However, during the pandemic we are noticing the nuances of triadic reciprocality, the interactions of our personal, environmental, and behavioral experiences. How do we define social interactions is the new question we are all asking!

Bandura, 1986 Triadic Reciprocality Diagram


Getting back to the kitchen table has changed the environment, interacting with teachers  through ZOOM has changed our behaviors, and the stress experienced as a result of this new way of learning has significantly impacted how all of this is processed by individual learners.

Are we ready for the whole kid? Let’s take the journey together to rediscover what “whole child” or individualized instruction really means – no more cookie cutter curriculum but recognition of the process that leads to learning.

1 thought on “The Whole Kid Is Back!

  1. Thank you for sending this to me Marie. I am joyed reading it; your words are so insightful and wise.


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