Planning …..a great stress reliever!

philadelphia_overall I

If I had just looked at an overview of the city I do believe my comfort level navigating Philadelphia last week would have been greater, I would have spent less time dealing with stress, and I would have known where I was going instead of depending on my iphone app.  I love technology but I learned last week that prior knowledge of the city overview using a good old fashioned map would have been a more appropriate tool for someone with my limited sense of direction. It is not that the app did not work, it was just not the right tool for me to gain the overview I needed the map was too small!

As we know, the iphone google map is a great tool for navigating. However, often I wind up traveling in the moment, watching the pinging red dot to make sure I am on track to my destination.  This works great in NYC where I am familiar with the overview, but it does not work when I am in a strange city.  Relying on the app, in the moment, prevented me from following the self-regulatory strategy of planning properly for a new task.  Did I plan? Yes! I had my phone.

However, if I had taken into account my need for planning using specific types of tools and strategies, downloaded and printed out the map (above), I would have had much less stress.  Forethought would have me take a good look at the scope of the area between my hotel, the convention center, and other interesting spots. As a result, during the performance phase  I would have felt more secure following the pinging dot on the iphone. Now that I am reflecting on my planning and performance I am prepared to use what I have learned for the next time I visit a strange city.

Not enough can be said about allowing our students to navigate the common core with proper planning and self-monitoring during performance.  Students of all ages need to compare their performance to the CCSS standard, and then reflect on how they would do it better the next time. For me the wake up call came when a friend, who is a Math Professor and Planner woke me up to the fact that where we had stopped for coffee was only two blocks from my hotel, and I would not need a cab to get there.  Her planning helped me understand that more strategic planning on my part to navigate the city quickly and safely should have gone way beyond my iphone app.


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