Frozen Introduces Fractals!


What can the new disney movie teach us about fractals?

Fractals are geometric figures, just like rectangles, circles and squares, but fractals have special properties that those figures do not have (

If you are interested in finding the common core in a fun filled movie, the new disney movie has introduced children to the geometric figure hardly discussed before junior high “FRACTALS”!

While Queen Elsa is unleashing her ice powers she describes her creations as “fractals”.  What a beautiful way to introduce an unknown academic math vocabulary word into the minds and language of young children.

A unit on fractals designed for elementary and middle schoolers can be found at  fracreal

How wonderful it would be if teachers use the scene in the movie to introduce the language and comprehension of geometry at an early age.  This is what the common core inspires teachers, parents, and educators to do – don’t leave the term “fractals” at the disney movie, bring it into the classroom and learn more about the applications and dimensions of these geometric figures……

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