Embracing the common core

make better choices

Self regulation is about making choices.  The common core expects students to be able to make better choices as a result of training in making informed decisions about both learning tasks and behaviors that impact performance. Strange to add a visual from a kindergarten blogger when speaking about classroom behavior at the middle and high school level? We can learn much from early childhood educators who are embracing the core wholeheartedly. 

For the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to travel and speak with teachers in different parts of the country about their experiences with the common core.  When the common core is seen in the form of what it is intended to do, it is a wonderful educational tool.  When it is viewed as a restriction to teaching and learning, it is seen as a burden for the busy teachers who do not need another thing to do.

Lessons that embrace the common core can teach behavioral management at every level of development.  For example, many teachers are in charge of classroom where managing students behavior appears to distract from moving forward with the core.  My thinking is this area is if we wait to have perfect classroom management we will never infuse the core standards that help to direct learning and development, especially in middle and high school.  Adolescence brings to the classroom a dimension that should be embraced, and not extinguished. With all of the voices telling teachers how to embrace the core, I propose the teacher begin with the best practices that have worked in the past and apply what works to address areas of the common core.  The common core does not ask us to extinguish the old, just apply what works towards a common goal of excellence in development and learning.


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