Who’s Speaking AND Who’s Listening


We want our children to speak freely, yet we also want them to listen.  I came across this device after I wondered what fun ways are there to have children (and older learners) listen without quenching their desire to communicate.  We need to pay close attention to how much they listen and whether or not they can identify the source of the comment or information. Attributing conversational style, thoughts and ideas, and tone to others are important communication skills.

In this game the children are listening and trying to identify the speaker when responding to the comment or idea.  They are having a conversation that demands listening before speaking.  How many of us do not listen to every word the speaker says because we have our responses or own take on the situation running in our heads.

It is the same for children and adults, we have not learned to apply listening skills to every speaking situation.  We love the chattering child, until it is important that we interject without hurting their feelings ( this actually holds true for adults except we are quick to speak over or interrupt each other).

think it about

The common core has an entire section on Speaking and Listening for all grade levels to increase communication skills.  Who can disagree with that?

Link to head sets: http://www.tinknstink.co.uk/talking-tubes-who-s-speaking-who-s-listening-telephone-set.html

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