Shifting is for those who choose to take charge of their learning!

Have you been hearing murmurings about the “shifts”?

Have you (like many others) thought about them more in the category of how the ground shifts beneath us during an earthquake?

calm shifting

Let me calm your fears, the shifts are a painless and transitional integration into the land of learning from what we read.  They are instructional and define the changes being encouraged by the introduction of the Common Core into our curriculum and classroom instruction in English Language Arts/Literacy and Mathematics. For this post I will generalize about what it means to shift using the English Language Arts Standards. Future posts will include instructional shifts specific to other areas.

ELA shifts

We need to be open minded about moving beyond goals that targeted learning to read in the early elementary years, and then reading to learn in the later years, to a balance of both.  The shift means just that, a movement back and forth from stories and literary pieces to texts that grow interest and familiarity in gaining information.

Shift one balances informational and literacy texts. I wonder, if perhaps more of us had been raised reading informational texts the challenge of building a toy from a manual would not cause such confusion to educated, literate adults !

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